Does Doggie Doo Not! offer a guarantee? Yes. We work very hard to build a reputation of reliable, quality service. If there is an occasion when our work is not completely satisfactory, we will redo our work until it is.

How do I start Doggie Doo Not! service? Just call us at (203) .323-2284 or email us and start enjoying your pooper scooper service today.

Does Doggie Doo Not! require a contract? No. We start and stop the service over the phone. There is no minimum service period and no advance notice is required to cancel service, provided we can reschedule.

I was always the one to clean the back yard. It was last on my "to do" list. We have a pool in the back and two grandkids. My Frenchie had a bit of "doo snacking". It is so nice to have a nice view of the yard and no more worries! Doggie Doo Not! has added to my peace of mind.
C.H. Westport, CT
Doggie Doo Not! saved my marriage. We constantly fought over who would clean up after the dogs. No more fighting once we hired Doggie Doo Not!
C.R. Darien, CT
Doggie Doo Not! - a very ideal service for my use and old age - thank you!
D.L. Fairfield, CT
When your card came in my mail I thought "How wonderful!" I am a widow of eighty and have a very large dog and an invisible fence. Because of my age I can no longer take her for walks. So I really do appreciate your service - as do all my visitors! Thank you so much!
B.C. Fairfield, CT
Very valuble service. I'm glad I found you - or you found me
L.S. Fairfield, CT
We hired Doggie Doo Not! to keep our yard clean of unsightly doo from our two dogs. What a great job! Now there is never an unsightly mess and I get friendy service all year round.
SS Greenwich, CT